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Looking for resources to support your vision and strategy, strategy activation, people, or tools for change? We have a collection of products designed to work for you. Our card decks, books, and kits help changemakers make meaningful impact and accelerate change transformation in your organization. 

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Our collections show you our recommended combination of tools to tackle a specific transformation challenge.

The Strategy Activation collection will help you get people in your organization aligned, engaged, and adopting new ways of working.  

The Vision & Strategy collection will help you align stakeholders on what the future looks like, orient them toward new sights, and design a clear strategy for success.  

The People collection will help you uncover insights to foster a great company culture and incorporate people-centered ways of working into your organization. 

The Tools collection will help you visually communicate new ideas, engage and create a lasting impression with your audience, and increase alignment with collaborators.  

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Our products are powerful enough to stand on their own, or work into any combination to engage your audience and inspire action. 

XPLANE’s Barriers to Change Cards help you explore the top 46 reasons why people resist change, so you can deploy strategies that lead to lasting transformation. Learn more.

XPLANE’s Discovery Cards are an engaging approach to examine an organization and its culture. This card sort helps teams uncover individual and shared insights, enabling fast alignment, and productive dialogue. Learn more.

XPLANE’s Building Blocks Deck is a perfect way to create an activation plan tailored to your organization. With the help of this deck, you can easily assemble a basic set of building blocks and then customize and recombine them for successful strategy adoption. Learn more.

XPLANE’s Method Cards are the ultimate toolkit for facilitators. Elevate your facilitation game with our curated deck—these modular cards will fast-track your session planning and empower facilitators of all levels to craft impactful, hassle-free workshops and meetings. Learn more.

The Strategy Activation Playbook is a comprehensive guide to empowering individuals and driving alignment throughout your organization. This essential desk reference offers practical tools to help bring strategies to life. Learn more.

This kit is a facilitator’s companion to the Strategy Activation Playbook (also included!). It contains everything you need—guides, worksheets, card decks, and tools—to develop a plan to put your strategies into action. Learn more.

The DNA of Change eKit is a comprehensive guide to organizational transformation, with eight design principles to help you put them into practice. It includes helpful instructional worksheets, videos, digital tools and up-to-date content, to kickstart your transformation journey. Learn more.

Unlock the secrets to successful organizational growth! Learn what sets thriving organizations apart from floundering ones in the DNA of Change ebook—an exploration of eight special traits required to flourish in a changing environment. Learn more.

People support what they help co-create. Our visual process approach can help organizations access the power of people-oriented processes. See the difference effective processes can make! Learn more.

Whether you are innovating from scratch, facing an internal challenge, or aligning disparate parties to move forward, this ebook contains unique recipes to help change leaders, like you, facilitate transformation. Learn more.

Performance Experience Design (PXD) is the process of designing experiences that change behaviors. This deck of PXD Brainstorming Cards will inspire you to embrace new mindsets and new ways of looking at yourself, your work, and the world around you. Learn more.

This book will introduce visual thinking methods in a simple and effective way, through rigorous data and practical exercises. Learn to think visually and achieve your goals with drawings. This book is written in Spanish; an English version is not available for purchase yet. Learn more.

Whether you’re on the go, sipping coffee at your local café, or taking notes during a work meeting, capture all the ideas with this pocket-sized notebook. Learn more.

Author and CEO Greg Harmeyer shares insights, experiences, and frameworks that help leaders create organizations that make a difference in people’s lives. If you’re a business owner, executive, or a leader who wants to break from conventional business structures and norms and think differently about how you can use your position of leadership to create value, create profit, and make a meaningful impact on all stakeholders, then this book is for you. Learn more.

Strategy Activation Course – $995

In this guided three-day course, take your change initiatives from idea to action. Learn a powerful process for moving people from alignment to adoption and create a personalized strategy activation plan for your organization supported by course instructors and a community of learners. Learn more.

In this course, you will move from feeling like you’re inundating your audience with facts and figures to telling a cohesive and compelling story that resonates with people, builds understanding, and gets you the buy-in to move forward. Learn more.

In this course, you will move from disliking agenda planning and feeling disjointed in your facilitation plan to confidently building a workshop strategy. Learn more.

Seeing is Believing: Decoding Visual Communication Course

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