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XPLANE Pocket Notebook, and Visual Thinking Works book on top of two spreads from the book, above a desktop computer displaying the Beyond the Board course landing page.

What's in the Tools Collection?

This collection includes books and courses to help you overcome change adoption barriers by starting with empathy.

This collection will help you:

  • Learn simple and effective ways to think visually
  • Build-in a daily practice for visual thinking
  • Communicate ideas more clearly
  • Bolster collaboration

What is XPLANE's Approach to Tools Solutions?

Every change journey requires the right tools to get the job done. XPLANE believes in starting with empathy to design bespoke solutions that engage people — and keep them at the center of the solution.

When an activity, framework, or exercise sparks inspiration and gets results quickly, we get excited! We develop our best solutions into adaptable tools that anyone can purchase and use to uncover organizational insights, diagnose a starting point for change, or overcome barriers.

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Learn More: Explore Each Product

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Inspired! Behind Visual Thinking Works — $28

In this video, our very own Rafa Vivas, XPLANE’s Creative Director for Spain, shares his personal journey and inspiration behind writing the Visual Thinking Works book. As a team leader, Rafa discovered the power of visual thinking firsthand. Utilizing visual thinking, he successfully unpacked complex concepts and shared them with others to create greater understanding. This book is written in Spanish; an English version is not available for purchase yet. Product Detail.

Beyond the Board

Coming Soon! In this self-guided course, learn how to confidently apply simple design principles to create adaptable boards for effective and engaging group collaboration. Course Detail.

PXD Brainstorming cards sit at center of light blue background

PXD Brainstorming Card Deck — $19

Performance Experience Design (PXD) is the process of designing experiences that change behaviors. This deck of PXD Brainstorming Cards will inspire you to embrace new mindsets and new ways of looking at yourself, your work, and the world around you. Product Detail.

Image of the Visual Thinking Works free sampler peeks from the right next to text reading "Start your Visual Thinking journey" above an image of the Visual Thinking Works book. Against a light blue background.

Visual Thinking Works: Create Your Own Emojis

XPLANE’s Visual Thinking Works book is jampacked with exercises and insights from leading visual thinkers on how to build your own visual thinking muscle. But even the longest journey, starts with a simple step, start your journey with this exercise designed to help you build a visual library of expressions.  

Image of the Beyond the Board course syllabus peeks from the right next to text reading "Make your boards more accessible today" above an image of the Beyond the Board course badge. Against a light blue background.

Maximize Digital Whiteboard Collaboration with Inclusive Design

Digital whiteboards are a game-changer for collaborating with a wide audience, but a great user experience isn’t always a given. Our Accessibility Tip Sheet is your guide to the essential design elements to consider to ensure everyone can participate equally and confidently.  

See These Tools in Action

Help your team adopt new ways of working. See examples of the tools we’ve developed for clients in the past.