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Accelerating Positive Change

At XPLANE, our purpose is to accelerate positive change. We change the world through our work with the world’s most impactful organizations and the people that influence them. Whether through our advisory work helping to transform global organizations, or by providing tools and training to individual change-makers, we enable our customers to achieve superior results through visual thinking, co-creation, and people-centered design.

But we also recognize that we’re on our own journey as a firm, that as designers we need to constantly strive to re-design the structures around us to better serve all, and we must do our best to be a role model of conscious business.

“Learner” and “Transparent” are cultural values at XPLANE. We seek to constantly learn how we can improve, and share transparently as we navigate our own journey.

To that end, we’re sharing our practices and progress with you here, and always welcome an exchange of ideas regarding how, together, we can accelerate positive change. 

XPLANE’s Equity Statement

As an organization, we stand against racism and all forms of oppression including transphobia, classism, sexism, ableism, and xenophobia.


We commit to a focused and sustained action to dismantle racist systems, policies, practices, and ideologies within ourselves, our communities, and our networks.


As we continue to learn about injustice, we embrace radical reorientation of our consciousness and will listen to the voices of Black, Brown, Indigenous and marginalized peoples to catalyze equitable outcomes for all.

XPLANE’s Commitment To Being A Great Place To Work For All

Within our own walls, we will ensure that XPLANE is a positive, equitable, and welcoming workplace that supports our employees’ happiness and well-being.

To ensure that we’re constantly benchmarking what “great” looks like, and learning how we can improve, we partner with an independent, third party to measure our progress, The Great Place to Work Institute.

93: XPLANE’s Great Place to Work certification score

XPLANE’s Commitment To Being A Conscious Business

We, as individual XPLANErs and as an organization, are members of a global community and believe that our business practices must consider our impact on our employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment, balancing purpose and profits for all our stakeholders. We’ve built this commitment into both our organizational and our legal structure as a registered Oregon Benefit Corporation.

To benchmark what the best conscious business practices look like, and to learn how we can improve, we partner with an independent, third party to measure our progress, B-Lab.

81.3: XPLANE’s Certified B-Corp Score

XPLANE’s Commitment To Contributing To Our Communities

As designers and changemakers, we are committed not only to sharing our time but also our expertise with organizations in our community that are creating positive change. We have formalized this commitment through our “Social Good” program, through which we commit 5% of our time to pro-bono consulting programs with selected non-profit organizations to support and accelerate their mission.

$108,428: XPLANE’s Social Good contributions year-to-date

Since launching our “Social Good” program in 2012, we’ve had the good fortune of working with numerous impactful organizations. Some of which include:

We believe that business can be a force for good, and that we should lead our organizations for the benefit of all—not only “shareholders”, but also customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and our shared world.

We invite you to join this growing global movement to redesign business to be a more positive force for all.