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XPLANE leads the world at leading change through people.

We support you in accelerating positive change in your organization through consultative programs, training and development, and products in the following areas of focus:

You need a clear vision of where you’re headed in order to design a clear strategy. And you need a clear strategy in order to align your teams to get there. We help you to craft and clarify your vision and strategy, and visualize it so all of your employees and stakeholders can see it, get aligned, and move forward together.

People are at the center of your success, and you need to create an engaging workplace that aligns people around common goals while attracting and retaining the best talent. We help you transform your culture by supporting shifts in mindset, behaviors, and ways of working.

Your processes should be built around the needs of your most important stakeholders. We’ll help you map your stakeholder journey, identify the critical touchpoints and opportunities for improvement, and design and implement a frictionless process that is user-centric and drives better results.

Sometimes people are on board with change, but need support to do things differently. We’ll co-create visually engaging tools, including visual maps, learning games, playbooks and job aids, to help show them the way.

You have a plan but need to get people aligned and moving forward together. We will build the bridge between planning and executing your strategy by co-creating an activation campaign of communications, learning, and job tools to ensure your transformation takes hold and you achieve your desired results, faster.