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As you prepare to tackle a transformational effort, a critical first step is to align on what the future looks like. A successful strategy starts with a clear vision.

Visioning is a powerful tool, and when fully developed it has more applications than many people realize. It clearly shows the intent and direction that is key to achieving strategic initiatives. 

Below, we've compiled our top resources to help you create a compelling vision of the future and design a clear strategy.

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Taking an Innovative Approach to Plan a 20-Year Vision and 5-Year Strategy

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) reached out to XPLANE when they wanted an innovative approach to their visioning and strategic planning process.

Our inclusive and co-creative approach engaged all stakeholders to develop and align on a clear 20-year vision and 5-year strategic plan that drove change from within.

As a result of this approach, stakeholders saw a clear connection to how their work contributed to the vision, and overall OMSI saw a 58% increase in admissions revenue, 35% increase in overall revenues, and record program enrollments.

GIF walkthrough the Seattle Humane Vision 2026 website

Seattle Humane — Vision 2026

After reimagining their vision of the future for 2026 and beyond, the Seattle Humane Society engaged XPLANE to bring their strategy to life by creating a clear activation plan and roadmap. 

Using a co-creative approach to unpack their strategies, XPLANE created a vision map and interactive site, which provided a visual compass that enabled stakeholders to explore the vision up close. XPLANE then worked with Seattle Humane’s team to document the strategic initiatives, success metrics, and governance model in a strategy playbook that served to effectively communicate their new vision and strategy.


How Good Leaders Share Their Vision & Inspire Action Blog

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Vision Map Worksheet

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On-Demand Webinar: Three Lenses to Inform Your Strategic Planning Process

While strategic planning is a foundation of many annual business cycles, we need to consider outside influences in our plans and prioritize our efforts and initiatives within the new context.

In this on-demand webinar, CEO Aric Wood shares an approach to augment your planning process as well as tools and exercises to help you and your leadership team navigate uncertainty with clear visibility.

The DNA of Change eKit explores eight design principles for organizational transformation and is designed to help you put those principles into practice. It contains everything from guides, worksheets, and video instruction, to digital tools and newly updated content to help you jumpstart your organizational transformation today!

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Storytelling for Change Course

In this three-day course, learn how to tell a cohesive and compelling story that resonates with your audience and gets you the buy-in to move forward.