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About The Starter Collection

In the starter collection, you’ll discover books, digital kits, and frameworks to help you craft a new direction to steer your strategies and orient others towards new sights.

Explore the Vision & Strategy Starter Collection

DNA of Change eBook

Unlock the secrets to successful organizational growth! Learn what sets thriving organizations apart from floundering ones in the DNA of Change ebook– an exploration of eight special traits required to flourish in a changing environment. Learn more.

DNA of Change eKit

The DNA of Change eKit is a comprehensive guide to organizational transformation, with eight design principles to help you put them into practice. It includes helpful instructional worksheets, videos, digital tools and up-to-date content, to kickstart your transformation journey. Learn more.

Visual Process Innovation eBook

People support what they help co-create. Our visual process approach can help organizations access the power of people-oriented processes. See the difference effective processes can make! Learn more.

DNA of Change eBook — $16

Ever wonder how some organizations adapt gracefully, or even thrive, in a changing environment while most others crack and buckle under the same conditions?

We believe organizations that thrive in changing circumstances behave more like organisms than machines. They adapt and evolve rather than re-program and retool. They share a common DNA that helps them bend without breaking. Learn more about the eight specific traits that support a healthy, robust approach to change. Download yours today!

DNA of Change eKit — $36

Ever wonder how some organizations adapt gracefully, or even thrive, in a changing environment while most others crack and buckle under the same conditions?

We’ve combed through our client experience for successes and failures, synthesized the best research from change gurus, and found patterns among organizations that navigate change successfully. 

The DNA of Change explores eight design principles for organizational transformation. With each principle, we’ll introduce a few ideas for where to start and exercises that bring the principle to life.

This digital kit is designed to help you put these principles into practice. It contains everything you need from guides, worksheets, video instruction, to digital tools and newly updated content to get started today!


  • 1 eBook
  • 20 Walkthrough Videos
  • 18 Fillable PDF Worksheets
  • 18 Digital Whiteboards (MURAL & Miro)
  • 2 Digital Dashboards (MURAL & Miro)
  • 1 Icon Library 
  • 1 Recipe for Facilitation Guidebook
  • 4 11×17 PDF Posters
  • Access to Learning Portal

Visual Process Innovation eBook— $16

A healthy process is the lifeblood in any organization. It impacts everything from efficiency to customer satisfaction and employee happiness. Despite its importance, nearly all organizations struggle to create and maintain healthy and effective processes.

With over 25 years visualizing thousands of complex processes across industries including technology, retail, finance, entertainment, military, manufacturing, food, energy, and pharmaceuticals, our approach is industry-and-topic-agnostic. We specialize in people-oriented processes, articulating the nuances of the human interaction critical to an effective process.

We call our approach Visual Process Innovation, utilizing a toolbox approach rather than a strict playbook, enabling us to be adaptive to any context. Download our Visual Process Innovation eBook to learn more.

Play Video about Aric Wood holding a physical copy of the DNA of Change book. A white bubble points to a play button reading "Click here to watch video".

An Introduction to the DNA of Change eBook

Looking to unlock the secrets to successful organizational growth? In this video, we introduce the valuable insights and strategies that make up the DNA of Change book and how it can help you shape your next transformation challenge.

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DNA of Change eKit Unpacked

Ready to take your transformation to the next level? In this video, we unpack the components that make up the DNA of Change digital kit, a comprehensive toolkit to help you design more human-centered change programs. 

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A Walkthrough of Our Visual Process Innovation

Ever wonder the transformative difference that effective processes can make? In this video walkthrough, we share the stages of our innovative approach, which empowers organizations to tap into the strength of people-oriented processes. 

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