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Build the skills you’ll need to create clarity, drive alignment, and make positive change happen.

Strategy Activation

Activation is about making the actions and behaviors associated with strategy tangible to everyone inside an organization.

During this bootcamp, you’ll learn how to:

  • Move your people from passively hearing about a change to actually accepting and living it.
  • Use empathy, co-creation, and more to build and refine an activation plan.
  • Diagnose and break down barriers, get people onboard and moving forward with change.

Visual Thinking

Build your visual vocabulary and put your learnings to practice by visualizing common workplace challenges.

During this bootcamp, you’ll:

  • Learn how to use different visual tools and techniques to answer specific audience questions, solve complex problems, and connect information.

  • Dive into specific use cases for applying your visual thinking skills to your organization’s success.

Visual Storytelling

Transform data-driven presentations into compelling business stories that stick. We’ll show your team how to explain complicated ideas visually using our top visual thinking tools and practices to increase alignment, clarity, engagement, and speed from idea to action.