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Confidently drive your next change initiative by bridging the gap between your vision and implementation

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In today’s modern organization, it takes more than a CEO directive to compel people to adopt change. How do you engage people with a new initiative and get them actively engaged in moving forward?


In this three-day course, you will move from feeling frustrated that you can’t get people on board with change to effectively applying a powerful process that moves people from alignment to adoption and a personalized strategy activation plan for your organization. The course will introduce an overall framework as a first step in building your strategy activation practice.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Learn a step-by-step, proven system for engaging employees in change initiatives
  • Acquire flexible change activation tools that can be applied immediately and reused for multiple applications
  • Problem solve and build relations with other professionals navigating similar change challenges
  • Gain powerful insights into reasons strategy activation fails—and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Experience the framework in action led by an expert practitioner
  • Complete activities and leave the course with a full draft of your unique strategy activation plan

Learners will leave with:

  • A strategy activation plan geared to your organization you can implement right away
  • An instructional guide for how to lead the activities, and critical questions to ask in order to continue refining your plan for your context
  • Tools and frameworks for leading the activities in your daily practice




3 days; 8.5 hours total

Spring Session: May 24 — May 26, 2022

See below for details

Experience Level

Intermediate. Learners who have at least a foundational understanding of managing and implementing change initiatives will get the most out of this course.



Want to get people excited about a new strategy?


Complete the Articulate Your Challenge Assignment




May 24, 2022
8:30 am — 11am PDT

May 25, 2022
8am — 11am PDT

May 26, 2022
8am - 11am PDT

Fundamentals of Strategy Activation

  • Define “strategy activation,” and how it differs from traditional change management
  • Identify and avoid the three reasons strategies fail
  • Create a clear, authentic vision for implementing change that will speak to the hearts and minds of people responsible for enacting the change, and show them the path to realize it
  • Ensure strategic goals are met by establishing a measurement system and feedback loops that enable an agile, iterative approach

Setting the stage and designing the plan

  • Use empathy and an understanding of how employees learn to map the terrain ahead
  • Identify barriers to change for both the stakeholders and the organization
  • Diagnose necessary changes to the plan, pinpoint information to share in communications, and identify skills to be developed in training
  • Bring all the building blocks together into an authentic, actionable Strategy Activation Plan

Refining the plan and preparing for launch

  • Anticipate change and create a plan for adapting to obstacles and new information
  • Create a governance model for your organization
  • Define criteria for success in your initiative and measure progress along the way

This course is for:

Top left: icon of person holding flag next to text reading “EXECUTIVE LEADERS: Responsible for enacting organizational strategy across large and complex organizations”. Bottom left: icon of map with dotted line leading to X next to text reading “STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS: Supporting/facilitating clients through change initiatives.” Top right: icon of four hands meeting in center with arrows bouncing between each hand next to text reading “PEOPLE MANAGERS: Making sure their teams are contributing effectively to corporate strategy.” Bottom right: icon of speech bubble with question mark next to one with gleeked text lines with arrows circulating around them next to text reading: “TRANSFORMATION AND LEARNING PROFESSIONALS: Looking to equip teams toward effective collaboration.”

This course is for you if...

  • You are responsible for major change initiative in your organization
  • You are part of a change or transformation team and want to build new skills to be more successful 
  • You are advising others on how to activate change in their organizations
  • You need to more deeply engage employees in a change program
  • You want to build new skills in change tools rooted in people-centered design, co-creation, and visual thinking
  • You want to embed a more effective change methodology into your organization
  • If you’re an advanced change practitioner, you may benefit from the upcoming deep dive series

Course Features and Benefits

Desktop screen showing a learners view of the Strategy Activation course, an iPad with a MURAL board displayed, laptop showing a MURAL board shared over a Zoom call, two worksheets, a workbook, and a certificate of completion.

While the course is fully virtual and will be delivered via Zoom and MURAL, you’ll be able to connect with and learn from fellow participants as well as your course instructor. The group will be divided into small cohorts, with whom you’ll be working and discussing, in addition to the full-group activities and discussions.

About the Learning Experience

  • Learn from expert practitioners
  • Hands-on, learn by doing in the live-instruction sessions
  • Each day includes instructor-led lecture and demonstrations to see it modeled before putting it to practice with hands-on activities
  • Real-time guidance and feedback to troubleshoot and practice key skills you can immediately apply to your organization
  • Benefit from rich discussions with other professionals attending the course who are also leading change initiatives in their organizations

This class is designed to be an open and collaborative environment where you and other learners will be able to see each other’s work. We ask learners to practice discretion.

Ongoing Benefits:

  • An instructional guide for how to lead the activities, critical questions to ask in order to continue refining your plan for your context
  • The tools and frameworks for leading the activities in your daily practice
  • One on one, 30-minute consultation on your specific change challenge with an expert practitioner
  • Lifetime access to course portal and materials including MURAL template
  • Access to new tools, bonus content, and course updates as the course evolves
  • First look at new course offerings

Your Instructor

Aric Wood headshot

Aric Wood, CEO

Aric leads XPLANE as its CEO and leader of the Strategic Planning and Strategy Activation practices, helping non-profit, government, and Fortune 500 clients chart a clear strategy and a path to achieve it. He is an international keynote speaker, and has appeared in publications and broadcasts including Forbes, CNN, Business Week, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine.


Prior to XPLANE, Aric served in leadership roles at Intuit and, and as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company. He earned his MBA at Harvard Business School.

What Our Learners Say

J. Michael Hawthorne headshot

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to apply a proven analytical process to achieving lasting strategic change. XPLANE provided simple yet detailed tools, a contextual overview of their process, and a clear step-by-step guide to successfully gain team buy-in. Their expertise was clear throughout the Bootcamp.”

—J. Michael Hawthorne, PG, Principal, Sr. Vice President at GEI Consultants, Inc.

Jill Kinison headshot

“The recordings, the access to material, the accessibility of the instructors, the willingness of the participants…XPLANE’s Strategy Activation Bootcamp was a course I dreamt of. I am so glad I took it. I feel more confident and capable in my role.”

—Jill Kinison, Senior Manager, Global Operations at Slalom

Circle with pattern of squares blues, purples, and oranges

“Thank you, Aric! You hugely surpassed my expectations of the session. I’m very excited to dive into much of what you shared. I loved how complex concepts were laid out in a simple manner that would be digestible by leaders engaged in change which makes it easier to engage in the change work necessary to make things stick.”

—ACMP Strategy Activation Masterclass Participant


Q: We’ve tried strategy activation methods before, what makes this different?

A: We’ll give you the critical missing piece between strategy planning and change implementation that’s essential to success: How to activate your employees and leverage how employees and organizations embrace change.

Q: How can you help me get traction on my change initiative?

A: We’ll reveal how employees learn and provide tools to help you better navigate common barriers to change.

Q: Why should I trust XPLANE?

A: Helping you and your organization meaningfully evolve and transform over time is what we do.


Since 1993, we’ve partnered with over a quarter of the Fortune 500, nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses around the globe, and in 25+ years of trying and learning on real projects with our clients, we’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to organizational change. We’re eager to share this with you to help you create positive change.

Q: I’m super busy. How many hours will I need to invest? What’s the estimated course hours and assignment time?

A: Our course is built to fit your busy schedule. It’s spread out across three consecutive days; each day is 3 hours in length and consists of a combination of instructor presentation and hands-on activities.

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