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OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) – 20 Year Vision and 5 Year Strategy

OMSI, The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry



OMSI 20 Year Vision and 5 Year Strategy

OMSI’s businesses span an award-winning science museum, multiple physical camps and summer camp programs, retail and entertainment venues, an international exhibit production shop, and regional real estate development, necessitating a longer-term 20-year visioning process and a shorter-term 5-year strategic planning process.

XPLANE co-created a 20-year vision for the museum, which then informed an XPLANE-led 5-year strategic planning process and a Strategic Planning Playbook to equip OMSI to replicate the process for subsequent 5-year periods. Now in its second planning cycle, OMSI has achieved gains in all targeted areas, including a 58% increase in Admissions Revenue, 35% Increase in Overall Revenues, and Record Program Enrollments, all driven by a re-imagined museum experience that created positive impacts for both guests and OMSI Staff.

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