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Webinar Recording: Start/Stop/Continue: Augment Your Strategy with a Near-Term Resilience Plan

As we’re leading through the implications of COVID 19, our strategic plans are suddenly out of date with our current realities.

As leaders, we need to give our teams clear direction about their immediate priorities as we navigate changing conditions.

You don’t need to throw away your strategy, but you will need to “change lanes” in the near term, and identify not only crisis management priorities but also potential opportunities to accelerate your mission.

XPLANE would like to offer a few tools and exercises that will help you and your leadership team quickly design a short-term “Resilience Plan” to bridge the gap between the immediate crisis and your longer-term strategy.

From this recording, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop planning scenarios to guide your triage
  • Lead your team through a reprioritization exercise
  • Schedule your priorities in the near term
  • Deploy a simple tool to assign and track work
  • Lead your team through Rapid Resilience Planning with a sample workshop agenda