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Header image of many magnifying glasses. One with four hands working together, another with tools, another with an activation plan illustration. Text to the right reads “Webinar — Recovery, Retooling, and Resilience: Three Lenses to Inform Your Strategic Planning Process. Presented by Aric Wood, CEO, Friday, July 17, 2020, 9am PT/12pm ET”. Above is a yellow tag with a black play button icon denoting that this webinar has a recording available.

Webinar Recording: Recovery, Retooling, and Resilience: Three Lenses to Inform Your Strategic Planning Process

While strategic planning is a foundation of many annual business cycles, this year it has a new twist: we need to consider the implications of COVID-19 and the recession in our plans and prioritize our efforts and initiatives within the new context.

In this webinar recording, CEO Aric Wood shares an approach to augmenting your planning process to include three elements:

  1. Recovery: How will we accelerate growth through the recovery?
  2. Retooling: What parts of our business need to change in our new normal?
  3. Resilience: How do we build resilience into our planning process?

In addition, Aric reveals tools and exercises to help you and your leadership team enter your strategic planning process with clear visibility in the new context and how you might navigate it. This is meant to be additive to your existing approach to better inform your traditional planning.

What you’ll learn in this webinar recording:

  • The 3 R’s of accelerating out of a recession: Recovery, Retooling, Resilience
  • How to prioritize the shifts in your business that should frame your strategic planning
  • How to develop planning scenarios to build resilience into your next strategic plan
  • How to lead your team through a 3 R’s Workshop to be better prepared for a successful planning cycle