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Method Cards — $26

XPLANE’s Method Cards are the ultimate toolkit for facilitators. With over 30 years of facilitation experience, XPLANE has developed a set of well tested methods—this deck of Method Cards contains a collection of our favorites.  

XPLANE combines methods with visual frameworks to lead engaging and effective workshops and meetings.   

In this deck, you will find three categories of cards aligned to the phases of the Double-Sided Pencil: Open, Explore, Close. 

Elevate your facilitation game with our curated deck—these modular cards will fast-track your session planning and empower facilitators of all levels to craft impactful, hassle-free workshops and meetings.


  • 42 Method cards
  • 3 categories (Open, Explore, and Close)
  • 1 Instruction booklet
  • Access to a resource page with video walk-throughs, worksheets, and supplemental instructions