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Strategy Activation Kit — $175 $200

Struggling to get your strategy off the ground? Assuming people will snap to a new plan once they hear it is one reason a majority of strategies fail—no matter how well conceived the plan. To really sow the seeds of change, people need help making sense of the plan, connecting to it, and navigating points of ambiguity before they can jump on board. 

This kit is a facilitator’s companion to the Strategy Activation Playbook (also included!). Organized into the four phases of activation, this kit contains a series of pre-designed workshops with agendas, supplies, and guides to lead a highly engaging process with collaborators and put strategies into action.

What’s included?

  • 1 The Strategy Activation Playbook ($36) 
  • 1 Barriers to Change Deck ($28) 
  • 1 Discovery Card Deck ($26) 
  • 1 Building Block Deck ($26) 
  • 1 Pocket Notebook ($4)
  •  5 Print Workshop Field Guides 
  •  13 Print Worksheets 
  •  15 Print Wall Posters 
  •  13 Fillable PDF Worksheets 
  •  1 Mural Digital Dashboard with all the templates 
  •  1 Miro Digital Dashboard with all the templates 
  •  5 Instructional Videos