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Strategy Activation Kit — Phase 2: Discover

Here you can find additional instructions, posters, and worksheets specific to Phase 2: Discover.

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Worksheets, Posters, & Digital Boards

Discover Objectives & Agenda Poster

Empathy Map Poster

Empathy Map Worksheet

Activation Curve & Who/Do Poster

Activation Curve Worksheet

Who/Do Worksheet

Discovery Cards: Situation Poster​

Discovery Cards: Action Poster​

Barriers to Change Poster

Force Field Analysis Poster​

Force Field Analysis Worksheet

Insights Poster

Insights Worksheet

The Change Lever Worksheet

Eight Dimensions Worksheet

Rose/Bud/Thorn Worksheet

Screenshot of a MURAL dashboard against a yellow background.

Phase 2 MURAL Board

Screenshot of Miro board against a yellow background.

Phase 2 Miro Board