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Mathematica – Customer Centricity: The Modern Organization’s Key to Growth

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Achieved 83% NPS; Reinforced the need to hire a Director of Client Experience

Customer Centricity: The Modern Organization’s Key to Growth

Mathematica's Challenge

Becoming a more customer-centric organization was a major goal at Mathematica, a global firm specializing in evidence generation, analysis and application. They identified their need to make a pivot in terms of how they were showing up in their work ecosystems.

XPLANE's Approach

To embark on this profound journey toward customer centricity, XPLANE and Mathematica followed a five-step approach:

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First, XPLANE and Mathematica mapped the current end-to-end customer experience from the customer’s perspective. We included all touchpoints, how they feel to the customer, and identified gaps and opportunities within each.

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In Envision, the second phase of work, we defined a clear vision of the desired future state of the customer experience.

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In the Learning phase, XPLANE and Mathematica co-designed learning opportunities, such as customer interviews, pilot programs, and prototyping, to better understand what Mathematica’s customers really value. This step builds the feedback loop and augments the voice of the customer.

White icon containing XPLANE's Activation Curve in tan, mid green, and dark green. There's a green border reading "4. Activate"

And during the critical Activation phase, XPLANE and Mathematica created an activation plan to push through the future vision to the entire company. Team workshops, communications, and co-creation activities helped launch a customer centricity movement within Mathematica.

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Finally, we worked to embed customer centricity capabilities to make them stick. We created a measurement system, developed a governance model, and engaged customers and employees in continuous improvement efforts.

The Results

Since undertaking this journey, Mathematica has transformed its relationship with its clients, reinvigorated its culture, and achieved numerous business benefits.

By designing their business around customer needs, Mathematica has also earned an excellent 83% Net Promoter Score.

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