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Activation Curve

Different stakeholders in your organization are at different levels of understanding. This is the natural result of how human beings process information. We call the progression from the first contact to embedded in the day-to-day functions the Activation Curve. 

Who do you need to do what to make your culture change a success? Develop an engagement and communication program for your people, segmented by your different audiences. Each group needs a unique path to take to get to the culture you envisioned. To move people from the bottom of the curve to the top, you must start with where they are today. Plot out exactly where each of your stakeholder groups sits on the curve today and where you would like them to be in the future. This is a fast way to break through the clutter of who needs to be involved in a change process and get clarity on where to start, where you need them to be, and by when.

Now available in three formats:

*Please Note: You must have a MURAL or Miro account to access the digital templates.