TheChalhoub Group is the leader of luxury beauty, fashion, and art de vivre industries in the Middle East, employing over 12,000 people of more than 100 nationalities and operating 750 stores in 14 countries. Though founded on values of Respect, Excellence, and Entrepreneurial Spirit, the organization multiplied 10x since 2000, creating more complexity and challenging its entrepreneurial heritage.  To remain relevant and accelerate its move toward digitalization, the Group launched a transformation program in 2017 to shift and evolve its culture to support greater agility and speed in decision-making and execution through the radical empowerment of teams.

XPLANE was engaged to conduct a “culture audit” of the transformation effort, evaluate gaps and opportunities, and recommend a culture transformation strategy to accelerate the cultural transformation. In collaboration with a cross-functional team of ten leaders, XPLANE led a series of workshops in each country and most major offices, capturing both quantitative and qualitative data to inform the team’s recommendations. The recommended strategy was implemented with a governance model that reports directly to the CEO. A Culture Steering Committee is leading a 3-year initiative, with a working group driving each of the recommended strategies for achieving culture change at scale. As long-term shifts are underway, there was an immediate increase in engagement and buy-in as the process was visible and inclusive throughout, accelerating adoption by key stakeholders.