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Webinar Recording: Mapping the Employee Experience: Visual Tools to Improve Engagement and Retention

While customer journey mapping has become an essential means of understanding the various customer touchpoints with an organization, mapping the journey of employees at your organization is equally important, but often neglected, much to the detriment of your employees’ overall experience. Mapping the employee journey can help an organization improve retention, identify gaps, and increase productivity.

During this webinar recording, Creative Director Tim May reviews: 

  1.  Gathering the data: Best practices for collecting and understanding key points along the employee journey and how they’re experienced within an organization.
  2. Visualizing the journey: Once we have a sufficient amount of information, how do we turn it into a cohesive visual story.
  3. Decision making: With the employee journey visualized, how do we use this to improve employees’ lifecycles, retention, and productivity?

Tim uses custom worksheets, live-sketching, and online collaboration tools to demonstrate the what, the how, and the why of employee journey mapping. The techniques demonstrated were general, but can map to most organizations. 

Key learnings:

  • Methods for collecting employee journey data
  • Synthesis and aggregation of employee journey data
  • Visual mapping techniques
  • How to use visual tools to inform and encourage decision making and contribute to making great places to work