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Header image of several figures sitting around a conference table, and some in a Zoom call to show hybrid workplaces post-COVID. Text above reads “Grow a Thriving Workplace Culture, Virtually”. Above is a yellow tag with a black play button icon denoting that this webinar has a recording available.

Webinar Recording: Future of Work: Grow a Thriving Workplace, Virtually

As we know all too well, the online workplace has become the new normal in 2020. Even now, as we make plans to re-open in the upcoming weeks and months, we should expect the virtual workspace to supersede the office cubicle in a majority of organizations.

This new reality has important ramifications for the ways we work. Beyond production and sales, it will dramatically affect our quality of work life. To create a thriving future for our companies and our employees, re-thinking the entire work environment—from the ways we work, to how we manage, to our organizational culture—could be a game changer.

In this webinar recording, play the role of anthropologist and futurist, and use XPLANE’s tools to:

  • Identify what makes your culture unique from an environmental, psychological, and behavioral perspective
  • Design the most important and impactful elements for your employees in a virtual setting
  • Role-model critical mindsets for the new reality such as intrapreneurship, vulnerability, resilience and reframing.