XPLANE is very pleased to announce that its work with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is expanding! Based on the recent success of the project to help visualize the ICANN policy making model and Internet Governance ecosystems, ICANN has engaged XPLANE to facilitate the development of additional clarity and understanding for key areas in which ICANN is involved.

One of the new projects is to help ICANN increase clarity and understanding of key recommendations provided by experts in the area of Internet Security, Stability and Resiliency. This effort will help visualize the security relationships between ICANN and the broader community, and enable better understanding of the interdependencies in these relationships.

Additionally, ICANN is engaging the Domain Name industry in an effort to drive greater collaboration and leadership in the face of new industry-wide changes and opportunities. These include some major companies who provide consumers opportunities to register names and website addresses. In support of this initiative, XPLANE has been asked to help with the creation of visual maps designed to drive greater understanding and alignment for an industry that is not well understood.