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SeatGeek — Redesigning Internal Processes to Deliver a Better Customer Experience


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24% increase in employees’ understanding of role definition and success criteria.

Redesigning Internal Processes to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

SeatGeek's Challenge

SeatGeek, a full stack live entertainment ticketing solution for venues and teams, engaged XPLANE to visualize their client journey in order to streamline, clarify, and enhance their client and employee experience.

While SeatGeek’s three Enterprise teams—U.S. sports, EMEA sports, and EMEA entertainment—had established best practices, they had not shared these ideas across teams. They had also developed mutual challenges that required concentrated collaboration to address.

SeatGeek Project Goals, Outcomes, and Key Drivers written on paper

The Goals

To enhance operations from the inside out, SeatGeek had three goals:

  1. Help employees better support clients at critical touchpoints.
  2. Stimulate the exchange of ideas between teams.
  3. Develop a story to share internally with employees and externally with clients.

"Digging deep to understand SeatGeek's challenges was the first step to refining internal processes and enhancing customer service."

—Holly Noto, XPLANE

XPLANE's Approach

To tackle SeatGeek’s goals, XPLANE hosted an immersive three-day workshop for 15 SeatGeek team members from across the world. We used our unique approach—a combination of hands-on visual thinking, co-creation, and people-centered design techniques—to help workshop participants analyze their current operational state and develop a vision for the future.

Four individuals stand at a wall covered in paper and sticky notes, writing on the paper

On Day 1 of the workshop, we helped SeatGeek map out the company’s current operational state using client empathy maps and identified opportunities for improvement. 

"I was impressed how XPLANE adapted exercises and redirected conversations on the spot to 'scratch below the surface' of our discussions to get at richer layers of meaning."

— Danielle du Toit, President, SeatGeek Enterprise

On Day 2, using visual thinking techniques, attendees sketched out ideas to create a clearer, more efficient future.

"I don't think we realized how productive visual thinking can be. XPLANE shed light on a different way of doing things."

— Oliver Marvin, Chief of Staff, SeatGeek Enterprise 

A group of three individuals sit around a table with lots of sticky notes and water bottles, laughing and discussing
Hand sketched SeatGeek map with lots of colorful sticky notes with feedback all over the paper

On Day 3, XPLANE shared three unique concepts for SeatGeek’s journey map.


In the end, XPLANE co-created three journey maps with SeatGeek—one each (variations of the “master” map) for each Enterprise team.

"Feedback on the maps has been great. For existing employees, the maps clarify what they already know, for new hires and clients, the maps engagingly depict how our Enterprise business works."

—Oliver Marvin, Chief of Staff, SeatGeek Enterprise

Goals & Outcomes

In a few short months, SeatGeek found multiple uses for the journey maps:

Light purple icon shows a figure at a whiteboard presenting to three individuals taking notes on laptops

Onboard new hires and train internal transfers.

The maps clearly convey the company’s operational life cycle and key transition points.

Light pink icon shows three figures at a table, one with their hand raised, and two shaking hands

Enhance the customer experience.

The maps clarify what clients should expect from working with SeatGeek. For employees, the maps have solidified the handover process at key touchpoints.

Light purple icon shows two figures at a shared desk, one showing the other a document while the other takes notes on a desktop computer

Introduce a new internal team.

Prior to working with XPLANE, SeatGeek had planned to add a key team to its existing structure. The maps helped demonstrate the need for this team—and facilitated early adoption of the team.

Light pink icon shows three figures, one at a podium presenting to the other two; one figure makes a comment about the presentation

Feed the culture.

Prominently displayed in SeatGeek’s offices worldwide, the maps are a source of pride and inspiration for future growth.

Light purple icon shows a figure with their hand out, and a light bulb above their head

Update career paths.

Down the road, SeatGeek can foresee using the maps to help update job descriptions and identify career paths.

"Enhanced communication, cooperation, and validation were tangible perks of bringing SeatGeek team members—many of whom had never met—together. Workshop attendees discovered more similarities and new ideas for solving problems."

—Danoosh Kapadia, XPLANE

Let's talk about your goals and possible solutions.

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