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Fortune 1000 Public Utility Company – A Board Game for Training and Empowering Leaders

Photo showing a game board on a wooden table, cards surround the deck, and pieces are in place around the board


Fortune 1000 Public Utility Company


Created alignment, cohesion, and a shared vision among leadership; CEO asked it to be included in their High-Performance Leaders executive training

A Board Game for Training and Empowering Leaders

Public Utility Company's Challenge

Observing a lack of risk-taking and competitive thinking from their managers and leadership, a Fortune 1000 public utility company sought help in creating a fun, engaging experience to change their culture—to help their people get out of the rut of their daily work and start thinking differently about the landscape and competition in the field.

XPLANE's Approach

XPLANE partnered with the public utility company to create a simulation board game. We put their leaders and managers on teams to work together. Their goal was to stay ahead of the competition by investing wisely and building capacity, taking smart risks, and making strategic decisions.

A group of several people play a board game on a wooden table.

The board game was built for an in-person offsite, but after its success was adapted for remote play and expanded to a wider audience across the company. XPLANE also created an expansion pack with escalating scenarios and added level of difficulty.

"XPLANE's board game created an engaging, interactive experience that allowed us to draw out important lessons and critical insights."

— Principal HR & Organizational Effectiveness Partner

The Results

  • Created alignment, cohesion, and a shared vision among leadership
  • CEO asked it to be included in their High-Performance Leaders executive training

"I shared it with our CEO after the event. She was so excited by it that now our Principal HR & Organizational Effectiveness Partner is facilitating sessions with High-Performance Leaders."

—VP, IT & Supply Chain, Chief Information Officer

Nine blue game board boxes reading "Power Up!" sit on a wooden table.
A blue game board box sits on a wooden table, with the instruction manual, game pieces in a bag, and the game board laid around it.

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