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MURAL Vision, Strategy, and Operating System



MURAL Vision and Strategy

Rapidly growing as a leader in an emerging uncharted space, MURAL is transforming the way people collaborate online. To align its team, its investors, and its partners, MURAL needed to create a clear vision, a supporting strategy, and an operating system to execute, measure, and manage its strategic initiatives. In addition, MURAL sought to build the entire system within MURAL, role-modeling the ability to grow and scale a global company entirely within its digital platform.

XPLANE worked with MURAL’s executive team to craft a clear vision and supporting narrative, and then shaped the supporting 3-year strategy outlining how MURAL would achieve its vision. The strategy was detailed in a series of corporate and functional initiatives, which the executive team tracks visually in its digital “control tower” built entirely within MURAL. This ensures leadership alignment in executing the strategy and its workplan. The vision and strategy were activated with supporting communications to key stakeholders including employees, investors, and strategic partners.

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