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Webinar Recording: How to Evolve Your Culture

We’re in the midst of a massive change throughout the global economy. Those of us who are fortunate enough to continue to work after the emergence of COVID-19 have discovered that how and where we do our jobs have changed substantially.

Yes, we continue to meet via videoconference, and continue to execute our projects through digital platforms. But how we collaborate, communicate, and co-create is changing. Many of the critical ways we worked together in the past no longer work — and we’re not sure when they will. How can we bring the best of our organization’s culture into this new landscape of work?

In this recording, you’ll learn how to use a classic human-centered design framework to map the key elements of your organization’s culture and design how to evolve it in this new era of work. We’ll discuss the behaviors that support the best aspects of culture, investigate the elements of your organization that help support it, and prepare for how to evolve as thoughtfully and quickly as possible.

This recording includes an example tools that you can put to work to evolve your own organizational culture right away.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the critical behaviors that define your culture
  • Design the outcomes you want to achieve in the new working environment
  • Recognize the enablers that will help your organization evolve