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Carhartt ERP Implementation Mapping



Carhartt ERP Implementation Mapping

To keep pace with phenomenal growth, uber-popular global workwear brand Carhartt embarked on an ambitious two-year project to update their ERP software—a massive change that would touch every corner of the organization. Carhartt needed a way to communicate these changes in a clear way that would help employees understand the updates and be motivated to adopt new ways of working.



Working with a 12-person Carhartt team, XPLANE co-developed a story to visually express how the new technology would transform the business. The resulting “ecosystem map,” created excitement and alignment around the Carhartt of the future. “Our employees began to rally around the change,” shared the client, “because everyone was getting a clear, consistent message about what was happening. What could have been overwhelming became a source of pride for us.”


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