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About The Pro Collection

In the pro collection, you'll discover guided toolkits, instructional supports, and all-in-one solutions, with everything you need to develop your strategy activation plan like a seasoned change practitioner.

Explore the Strategy Activation Pro Collection

Strategy Activation Kit

This kit is a facilitator’s companion to the Strategy Activation Playbook (also included!). It contains everything you need—guides, worksheets, card decks, and tools—to develop a plan to put your strategies into action. Learn more.

Strategy Activation Course

In this guided three-day course, take your change initiatives from idea to action. Learn a powerful process for moving people from alignment to adoption and create a personalized strategy activation plan for your organization supported by a community of learners and author of the Strategy Activation Playbook & CEO of XPLANE, Aric Wood. Learn more.

Strategy Activation Kit — $200

Struggling to get your strategy off the ground? Assuming people will snap to a new plan once they hear it is one reason a majority of strategies fail—no matter how well conceived the plan. To really sow the seeds of change, people need help making sense of the plan, connecting to it, and navigating points of ambiguity before they can jump on board. 

This kit is a facilitator’s companion to the Strategy Activation Playbook (also included!). Organized into the four phases of activation, this kit contains a series of pre-designed workshops with agendas, supplies, and guides to lead a highly engaging process with collaborators and put strategies into action.

What’s included?

  • 1 The Strategy Activation Playbook
  • 1 Barriers to Change Deck
  • 1 Discovery Card Deck
  • 1 Building Block Deck
  • 6 Printed Workshop Field Guides
  • 13 Printed Worksheets
  • 20 Printed 14x25in Wall Posters
  • 13 Fillable PDF Worksheets
  • 2 Miro & MURAL Digital Dashboards 
  • 5 Instructional Videos

Strategy Activation Course — $995

Confidently drive your next change initiative! In today’s modern organization, it takes more than a CEO directive to compel people to adopt change. 

In this three-day course, you will go from struggling to get people on board to effectively applying a powerful process that moves people from alignment to adoption and leave with a personalized strategy activation plan for your organization. The course will introduce an adaptable system to build-up your strategy activation practice.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Learn a step-by-step, proven system for engaging employees in change initiatives
  • Acquire flexible change activation tools that can be applied immediately and reused for multiple applications
  • Problem solve and build relations with other professionals navigating similar change challenges
  • Gain powerful insights into reasons strategy activation fails—and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Experience the framework in action led by an expert practitioner
  • Complete activities and leave the course with a full draft of your unique strategy activation plan

About the Learning Experience
A mix of on-demand video lessons, live-virtual instruction over Zoom, supplemental learning portal with downloadable course materials, resources, and digital toolkit.

Ready to learn more? Download the course syllabus!

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A Sneak Peek Inside the Strategy Activation Kit: See What’s In the Box!

Tired of developing great strategies only to see them fail during execution? Our kit is here to help you bring your plan to life. In this video, we’ll give a sneak peek inside the new limited edition Strategy Activation Box Kit equipped with everything you need to lead highly engaging workshops at each phase of activation.

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