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Webinar Recording: Practical Tools to Design a Strategy Activation Plan

“Strategy Activation” is the process by which you bring your strategy to life, by ensuring stakeholders understand, are aligned, and are equipped to execute the strategy and realize your shared vision.

In the second part of our Strategy Activation series, we move from learning the theory of strategy activation to the practice of designing a strategy activation plan. Using an example scenario, CEO Aric Wood walks through the process of stakeholder understanding, identification of barriers to change, and design of communications and learning initiatives to move your team toward understanding, alignment, and execution.

This webinar includes example tools and exercises that you can put to work in your own strategy activation initiative right away.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to identify key stakeholder groups and their needs
  • How to identify the barriers to change that may exist in your organization
  • The building blocks that make up an activation program, and how to assemble them into a tailored plan for your organization