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Welcome to the XPLANE Method Cards deck resource page

Here you will find additional instructions, variations, and worksheets to use XPLANE's Method Cards deck.

Additional Instructions

Searching for additional instructions for using the Method Card deck? Check out the resources below for ideas.

About the Method Cards

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Download the detailed instruction guide for using the Method Cards

Two pages of instructions stacked on top of each other.

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Unboxing the Method Card Deck: Take a look Inside!

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See the Method Cards used with the Double-sided Pencil

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How To: Winning Behaviors Ball Game

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These worksheets can be used in combination with your Method Cards deck.

Double-Sided Pencil worksheet against a yellow background.

Double-Sided Pencil

Workshop Planning Canvas against a yellow background.

Workshop Planning Canvas

Double-Sided Pencil Placemat

Companion Frameworks

Recommended Reading

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