Ever wonder how someorganizations adapt gracefully – or even thrive – in a changing environment while most others crack and buckle under the same conditions? We did too. And since so many of our clients come to us in times of change, we decided the topic needed some XPLANEing. Over the last six months we’ve combed through our client experience for successes and failures, synthesized the best research from change gurus, and found patterns among organizations that navigate change successfully. Here’s the result: Change DNA – eight design principles for organizational transformation. 

Organizations that thrive in changing circumstances behave more like organisms than machines. They adapt and evolve rather than reprogram and retool. They share a common DNA that helps them bend without breaking. We found eight specific traits that support a healthy, robust approach to change: clarity, inspiration, visual alignment, action, co-creation, transparency, harmony and resilience.  

Over the next few months, we will be launching a series of discussions about these eight Change DNA traits. We want to hear your feedback – what are your experiences, success stories, lessons learned, and case studies? Do you agree with the patterns we are seeing? Our goal is to evolve this picture and collaboratively design a resource for organizations in transition all around the globe. Here is to being the change we want to see in the world! 

This series will cover:

  1. Change DNA Clarity
  2. Change DNA Inspiration
  3. Change DNA Visual Alignment
  4. Change DNA Co-Creation
  5. Change DNA Action
  6. Change DNA Transparency
  7. Change DNA Harmony
  8. Change DNA Resilience

To follow this series please check out our Change DNA series here.