XPLANE is proud to see the conclusion of our work helping ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, envision, organize, and clarify their five-year strategy plan for years 2016-2020!


Developed through an extensive, collaborative, bottom-up, multi-stakeholder, and multi-lingual process, the new Strategic Plan provides an opportunity for the global Internet community to coalesce around a new overarching vision and long-term objectives.

This process began April 2013, centered around an ICANN meeting in Beijing, where an introductory animation, co-created with XPLANE, ushered in the process and articulating the reasoning for the effort.

Over the next year ICANN sought extensive public input on its key challenges and opportunities and on the eight strategic areas highlighted by ICANN’s Board. Throughout this process XPLANE helped ICANN to facilitate many of these input sessions.

After community public comments were incorporated, the ICANN Board officially voted in the new strategic plan in late 2014, and XPLANE helped ICANN with the design of the final, interactive document, as well as communications vehicles in the form of an animation providing the overall narrative of the plan and visual posters for display at the ICANN meeting in Singapore in early 2015.

You can learn more about this effort and see the artifacts we helped produce on ICANN’s website. And you can view the plan animation here or the intro animation here.