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Header image of white sketches of Tim May and Marvin Gaviola under a sketch of several icons of people with arrows pointing toward a central figure holding their hand up. Text to the right reads “Ramp Up Your Visual Literacy: How to Encourage Online Collaboration, Alignment, and Engagement. With Tim May, Creative Director, and Marvin Gaviola, Associate Creative Director. A talk from MURAL’s IMAGINE”. Above is a purple tag with a white play button icon denoting that this webinar has a recording available.

Webinar Recording: Ramp up Your Visual Literacy — How to Encourage Online Collaboration, Alignment, and Engagement

Create rapid alignment and engagement in your organization by ditching the easily tuned-out and boring charts and graphs.

People are drawn to people, so why not learn how to visualize humans interacting and working together?

In this recording, Creative Directors Marvin Gaviola and Tim May illustrate ways you can quickly depict people, and they show an abbreviated version of how you can apply those drawings to frameworks, all in the service of powering up your communication game and creating instant clarity and alignment across your teams.

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