XPLANE has been selected by SYNCADD to create an effective tool for communicating the company’s sophisticated ecosystem solution. For almost 30 years, SYNCADD has provided government facilities with technology solutions that help them manage their real property assets and resources.

“We are very proud to be extending our government and technology experience with SYNCADD,” says Drew Mattison, vice president of business development at XPLANE. “Visual communications are ideal for clearly communicating the organization’s complex solutions, and we’re excited about the impact this will make.”


XPLANE is an award-winning, global business design consultancy that uses a visualization-based, design thinking approach to help organizations innovate and perform better. Our methodology enables organizations to think differently, resulting in practical solutions that achieve better results in less time. Using this approach for the last 20 years, we’ve earned the trust of leading organizations in virtually every industry, including American Express, Proctor and Gamble, The Economist, Gates Foundation, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, and the U.S. Marines. We serve our clients from our U.S. headquarters in Portland, Oregon and from our European headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


SYNCADD is a solutions company that provides government facilities solutions that focus on places, spaces, assets and people. With a focus in providing geospatial applications and services, we have laser measured 35 Army installations; over 80 million square feet of facilities drawn in 3D, automatically calculating net/gross square footages and space utilization ratios. At SYNCADD, we strive to create customer valued-products and services that promote organizational and business readiness. We are experts in the area of GIS, real property and space management.

Since 1984, SYNCADD has been providing our customers with technology solutions that help manage their real property assets and resources. We are headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii with a Federal office in Virginia and people located around the globe. We understand what it takes to attain data accuracy, capture institutional knowledge, enhance processes, implement a collaborative infrastructure and achieve organizational goals.