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About The Starter Collection

In the starter collection, you’ll discover books, card decks, and frameworks to help you shape, foster, and boost the adoption of new ways of working.

Explore the Strategy Activation Starter Collection

Barriers to Change Cards

XPLANE’s Barriers to Change Cards help you explore the top 36 reasons why people resist change, so you can deploy strategies that lead to lasting transformation. Learn more.

Discovery Cards

XPLANE’s Discovery Cards are an engaging approach to examine an organization and its culture. Through game play, this card sort helps teams uncover individual and share insights, enabling fast alignment and productive dialogue. Learn more.

Building Blocks

XPLANE’s Building Blocks Deck is a perfect way to create an activation plan tailored to your organization. With the help of this deck, you can easily assemble a basic set of building blocks and then customize and recombine them for successful strategy adoption. Learn more.

The Strategy Activation Playbook

The Strategy Activation Playbook is a comprehensive guide to empowering individuals and driving alignment throughout your organization. This essential desk reference offers practical tools to help bring strategies to life. Learn more.

Barriers to Change Cards — $26

We believe the fastest, most effective path to implement change or deploying a strategy starts with empathy. XPLANE’s Barriers to Change Cards help you explore the top 36 reasons why people resist change—and how overcoming these barriers can lead to lasting change. 

NOTE: These cards work best when you have multiple decks to use with your team.

Learn more about how to use the cards here.


  • 40 Cards (including wildcards to enable user-generated reasons)
  • 7 Categories (Problem alignment, Engagement, Interpersonal, the Unknown, Solution alignment, Execution, Wildcard)
  • 2 Instruction guide cards
  • 3 Game instruction cards


Discovery Cards — $26

Discovery doesn’t have to be dull! XPLANE’s Discovery Cards are an effective (and fun) way to examine an organization, and its culture. Use this card sort to identify and discuss common business problems facing your organization. Using game play to unearth a team’s individual perspectives and observations can create a safe environment to share more openly and come to alignment quickly. 


  • 54 Cards
  • 4 categories (Growth, Crisis, Action, Change)
  • 1 Instructional booklet


Building Blocks Cards — $36

XPLANE’s Building Blocks deck is designed to complement the Strategy Activation toolkit to help you build an activation plan that moves people in your organization from alignment to adoption. 

Use this deck to assemble a basic set of building blocks, then customize and recombine them to create an activation campaign that addresses the unique needs of your organization. 

NOTE: These cards work best when you have multiple decks to use with your team.


  • 126 Cards, including one pro tip card
  • 3 Categories (Hear It, Believe It, Live It)
  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • Access to resource page with video walk-throughs, worksheets, and supplemental instructions


The Strategy Activation Playbook: A Practical Approach to Bringing Your Strategies to Life — $36

Organizations spend over $160 billion a year hiring consultants to develop and execute strategies, and yet 80 percent of corporate strategies fail.

Why? Because we forget the most important factor in successfully executing strategy: People.

Our old models of change management and strategy execution assume that organizations are monolithic and can move directly from strategy-making to strategy-doing. But the modern organization is made up of increasingly more diverse, empowered, and free-thinking people, and we need to evolve how we launch our strategies to ensure we engage, align, and empower diverse groups of people to move forward together. If you want to be part of the 20 percent of leaders who succeed, then you need a new playbook for bringing your strategy to life.

With The Strategy Activation Playbook, author Aric Wood, CEO of XPLANE, teaches you how to align and activate the people in your organization to execute strategy and realize your vision.

Leaders will find a clear methodology for:

  • Communicating a strategy so that everyone understands it, sees how it benefits them, and becomes willing to take the journey 
  • Equipping employees with the tools and training that enable new ways of working
  • Embedding a strategy as “the new way of work” that everyone can embrace 

The Strategy Activation Playbook is the indispensable desk reference, filled with practical tools you can implement immediately to align your teams and empower individuals to move forward together toward a common goal.

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The Magic of The Barriers to Change Deck: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tired of facing resistance when trying to implement change? In this video, we’ll show you how to diagnose the 36 most common barriers to change and strategize successful solutions.

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Experience the Power of the Discovery Card Deck: A Product Demo

Discovery doesn’t have to be dull! In this video, take a closer look at just how effective (and fun) this card sort can be in examining your organization and its culture.

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Unlock Potential with the Building Block Deck: A Deep Dive

Looking for a way to activate your organization’s unique strategy? In this video, we’ll show you just how easy it is to unlock the full potential of your organization and create an activation plan using this deck.

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Unboxing The Strategy Activation Playbook: See What’s Inside!

Are you tired of failed corporate strategies that waste time and money? It’s time to try a new approach. In this video, we’ll give you a sneak peek into The Strategy Activation Playbook, and some of the secret sauce behind this essential guide for aligning and activating people in your organization.

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