A large global restaurant franchise recently needed to develop a new IT plan that would support the company’s restaurants around the world for the next five years. To do so, the company turned to XPLANE to help map the technology strategy and designate a way to communicate this new way of working to company stakeholders.

By collaborating closely with the client, whom XPLANE has successfully worked with in the past, we enjoyed a streamlined Discovery Process that set up a successful foundation to create visuals of the technology strategy for each individual audience. This produced the initial deliverable of a sketch map of one of the audience journeys and a map of the overall state of the company’s technology vision.

These initial sketches were used at an executive meeting to approve the five-year strategy and were key in communicating the intent and impact of the strategy. The company appreciated XPLANE’S intelligent process and collaborative, visual and storytelling-centric approach to solving business issues. This assignment was very positive and will lead to next steps for the project and future work with different groups within the company.