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90-minute Crash Course — $1,500

What: Seize an opportunity for learning at your next event with our crash course.

If your team is limited on time, make the most of it with one of our shortened, modular training options. Your team will still have the opportunity to practice new skills in this targeted and focused event.

Best For: Teams of 10–20 people

What You Get: Choose from one of our pre-designed course modules focused on 1–2 skills with built in practice to help apply new ideas and techniques. 

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Available Format: Live instruction over Zoom

Duration: One 90-minute instruction session, date will be calendared after booking. 


  • Live instruction
  • Downloadable frameworks

Course Topic Options: Choose from one of our pre-designed course modules focused on 1–2 skills with built-in practice to help apply new ideas and techniques:

  • Storytelling for Change: Flex your creative muscle to improve your storytelling skills. During the experience, you will discuss what makes a great story and dive into key elements of a story arc. 
  • Visual Thinking: Make your ideas tangible using visuals. Harness the power of visual thinking to power up your communication, and create a common ground for understanding.
  • Barriers to Change: Successful strategy execution relies on your ability to map the terrain and anticipate your biggest blockers on the road ahead. Learn a simple card game to unearth what’s really happening in your organization and people’s attitudes about change using the Barriers to Change Cards. 
  • The Magic of Discovery: Faced with a torrent of high-priority needs jostling for your attention? Calm the sea of demands with a card game that brings teams together to identify challenges and determine solutions for a clear path forward.

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