XPLANE today announces that it will be working with RichRelevance at its upcoming Customer Advisory Summit in London, England to help glean insight from its customers on how to maintain and improve its high value services. RichRelevance is a leader in personalizing the shopping experience, delivering more than 850 million product recommendations daily for consumers shopping the world’s largest and most innovative retail brands like Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Walmart, Sears and Target.

“XPLANE’s approach and methodology has had a profound impact on the way that we position our products and services in the market,” says Diane Kegley, RichRelevance Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re excited to leverage their expertise to delve into our customers’ mindset so we can further inform our thinking around products and services that deliver meaningful value to their business.”

“As one of the industry’s top innovators, RichRelevance amplifies the shopping experience not only for consumers, but for brands and retailers too,” says Boris Chen, XPLANE Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “We’re really excited to be able to partner with RichRelevance and look forward to uncovering insights that will help extend its leadership position.”


XPLANE is an award-winning, global business design consultancy that uses a visualization-based, design thinking approach to help organizations innovate and perform better. Our methodology enables organizations to think differently, resulting in practical solutions that achieve better results in less time. Using this approach for the last 20 years, we’ve earned the trust of leading organizations in virtually every industry, including American Express, Proctor and Gamble, The Economist, Gates Foundation, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, and the U.S. Marines. We serve our clients from our U.S. headquarters in Portland, Oregon and from our European headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Founded and led by the e-commerce expert who helped pioneer personalization at Amazon.com, RichRelevance helps retailers increase sales and customer engagement by recommending the most relevant products to consumers regardless of the channel they are shopping. RichRelevance has delivered more than $5.5 billion in attributable sales for its retail clients to date, and is accelerating these results with the introduction of a new form of digital advertising called Shopping Media which allows manufacturers to engage consumers where it matters most—in the digital aisles on the largest retail sites in world. RichRelevance is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Seattle, Boston and London.