Earlier this year XPLANE was interviewed for the Oregon Arts Commission’s Annual Vitality report. It’s just been released and XPLANE not only made it into the report, we headlined.

A PDF is available at this link, and the printed version will be distributed in the coming weeks. We’re very proud to be included on the list of creative firms the state has chosen to put front and center. XPLANE’s profile is on pages 6-7.


Here’s more about the study:

The innovative Creative Vitality Index, a concept developed by the Washington State Arts Commission, allows us to look at the health of the creative economy in a city, county, state, or other geographic area compared to a national index. Using readily available, inexpensive data on employment and community participation, the index is a reflection of the vigor of the creative sector of the economy.

The analysis details both for-profit (architecture and design jobs, for instance) and nonprofit arts-related activities (museum admissions, for example), and measures participation in the arts. In doing so, it adds depth to traditional arts economic impact studies. The CVI enhances our understanding by counting the thousands of people who make their living using creativity outside of the nonprofit arts world: Visual artists, graphic and product designers, writers and architects. It also counts the many individuals who participate in the arts by buying music, musical instruments, books, and works of art. It’s a fuller and more accurate picture of the range of artistic creativity in Oregon.