Organizational Adulting Mindset Worksheet


How to Play:

The worksheet begins on the left side, with a focus on the current state. You will fill in the first three columns under What We See Today.

  1. Begin by defining the Primary Behaviors you practice as a team or group. This is what you commonly do today as you deliver work or complete tasks. Expect to see productive, useful behaviors as well as non-adulting behaviors—the behaviors you need to identify and address as a team.
  2. Identify and define what enables each non-adulting behavior to exist and stay in practice.
  3. List the outcomes and impacts created by the non-adulting behaviors.
  4. Before moving to the next three columns, write up the characteristics of the mindset you have today.

Once you have completed the current state, shift your thinking to the desired state. You will now work your way across the columns under What We Want to See.

  1. Start with Desired Impacts/Outcomes. Some impacts/outcomes in the current state may be exactly what you desire. If so, simply transfer them to the Impacts column under What We Want to See. Some impacts and outcomes in the current state are not desirable, these are the ones you wish to change. In this case, you want to define the outcomes you want to achieve.
  2. Next, for every new impact/outcome, brainstorm what will enable those outcomes.
  3. Then, for each new enabler, identify one or more behaviors you will need to practice to realize the outcomes and take advantage of the enablers.
  4. Finally, review your desired state and define the characteristics of the mindset you need to adopt to be successful.