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Confusion vs. Clarity

THE COST OF CONFUSION: The world of business today is one of constant change. Complexity inside organizations is growing at an unprecedented clip. Leaders, managers, and employees are under pressure to perform amidst uncertainty, inefficiency, and confusion.

THE COST QUANTIFIED: Fewer than one-third of senior executives’ direct reports clearly understand the connections between corporate priorities, this number plummets to 16% for frontline supervisors and team leaders. *

For the average Global 2000 company lack of alignment and confusion can cost $225 million or more each year in lost productivity. This is equal to 2,200+ full time employees!**

THE VALUE OF CLARITY: Organizations must find ways to quickly envision a path forward, build energy and momentum, and accelerate strategy execution in order to succeed. XPLANE leverages the power of co-creation, people-centered design, and visual communication tools to transform the way organizations solve complex business challenges.

How we help clients move to their desired future state:

  • Reveal what the existing state is today.
  • Envision what the new future state should be to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Diagnose the organizational capability or readiness for achieving the future state and recommend what should change: why, how, and in what order.
  • Improve the current state by activating the change to achieve the future state.

Now available in one format:

*HBR Why Strategy Execution Unravels – and What to Do About It Donald Sull, Rebecca Homkes, and Charles Sull

**Calculations based on average employee size and compensation for Global 2000 organizations, and assumes per-employee productivity loss of 2 hours per week.