The second in our Organizational Adulting webinar series, this webinar recording explores individuals who are (or seem to be) apathetic about organizational and team goals, and what the barriers to strong connection, collaboration, and cooperative engagement may be.

Holly Noto, XPLANE’s Director of Consulting, is joined once again by Ben Carmel, Learning Designer, and Consultant, to take a hard look at the factors behind, and solutions to individual disengagement. It’s a common problem, but because they often have a few key underlying reasons we’ve developed specific strategies and tools that have proven to make a big difference in creating an engaged, cohesive team.

During this recording, you’ll walk away learning:
• A few common underlying factors that create apathy and disengagement
• Specific actions to re-engage your team
• Proven framework tools you can use to energize and rebuild connections, collaboration, and cooperation

Organizational Adulting Webinar Series:

  1. Divisive Behaviors and How to Overcome Them 
  2. Overcoming Apathy and Disengagement
  3. You Are What and How You Communicate