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Header image of two people standing in a venn diagram with sketches behind them. They draw and point at a map being sketched in the overlap of the venn diagram. Text to the left reads “Webinar — Run More Effective One-on-Ones Using Visual Tools.” Beneath this is a headshot of Tim May, and Mike Rohde. Text continues on “Thursday, October 21, 2021, 9am PT/12pm ET”. Above is a yellow tag with a black play button icon denoting that this webinar has a recording available.

Webinar Recording: Run More Effective One-on-Ones Using Visual Tools

Whether you work for a business, nonprofit, or school, 1:1s are essential to moving people—and organizational goals—forward.

While 1:1s can be a critical check-in for managers and employees, too often they can feel like just another meeting to drudge through—too rushed or too unorganized to provide any real value. Even worse, when neglected they can have the opposite effect and leave employees feeling less motivated.

However, effective one-on-ones:

  • Build trust
  • Encourage open communication, honest feedback, and effective collaboration
  • Help people stay informed and aligned
  • Provide mutual feedback for growth
  • Identify and address roadblocks

In this webinar recording—co-hosts Tim May, Creative Director at XPLANE, and human-centered designer Mike Rohde—show you how to use visual tools to make your one-on-ones more engaging, productive, memorable, and fun.


Mike Rohde headshot

Mike Rohde, Principal UX Designer, PKWARE

Mike is a designer, teacher, and illustrator with a passion for visualizing ideas and teaching people how to think visually and be more creative. He’s well known for his two bestselling books on sketchnoting, “The Sketchnote Handbook,” and “The Sketchnote Workbook.”

He’s also known for creating The Sketchnote Army (+Sketchnote Army Podcast), a showcase of sketchnoters and their work from around the world.

Tim May Headshot

Tim May, Creative Director, XPLANE

Tim is a visual thinking machine. As a designer for XPLANE over the last 10 years, Tim has inspired a cult following of doodlers, visual thinkers, and facilitators from all walks of life.

In his role as Creative Director, Tim oversees nearly all of XPLANE’s projects, including strategy activation and process innovation work. He designs and leads workshops, creating visual maps, and toolkits for communicating, training, and engaging leaders and associates.