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Header image of gears, a star, a pie, a magnet, the moon, a leaf, an ax, a light bulb, a planet, and an astronaut. Text to the left reads “Webinar —Engage Your Learners Using Visuals to Enhance Learning and Education. Presented by Tim May, Creative Director, Thursday, September 16, 2021, 9am PT/12pm ET”. Above is a yellow tag with a black play button icon denoting that this webinar has a recording available.

Webinar Recording - Engage Your Learners: Using Visuals to Enhance Learning and Education

Give your curriculum a visual makeover and see a dramatic increase in students’ learning and engagement. 

Education is experiencing extraordinary transformation, and those who are able to present ideas visually will rise to meet the challenges of hybrid or disrupted learning. The techniques presented in this webinar extend far beyond connecting with students, as the very act of facilitated collaboration around a shared visual artifact creates alignment and commitment that could apply to any type of organization.

What you’ll learn in this recording:

  • How working visually better engages teachers and students
  • Why Visual Thinking is such a powerful addition to the teaching toolkit
  • How to begin with the visual alphabet
  • Basic techniques to give your drawings style and texture
  • Examples of ways Visual Thinking can be used in educational settings


Tim May Headshot_Circular

Tim May, Creative Director

As the Creative Director of XPLANE, a global Design Consultancy that helps large organizations clarify, communicate, and achieve their vision and strategy, Tim leads the firm’s design team and Visual Thinking Bootcamps. He is a sought-after authority in Visual Thinking and has appeared internationally as a presenter, contributor, visual recorder, podcaster, and rogue air-sickness bag decorator. 

Before joining XPLANE in 2008, Tim worked at The Curiosity Group and Hewlett-Packard’s Advanced Solutions Lab.