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On the right, three individuals in their own video chat windows hover over a shared digital whiteboard, pointing to various elements. Sticky notes swirl around them and the board. On the left text read, “Webinar — To Whiteboard or Not to Whiteboard: An Insider’s Tour of Getting Started with Digital Whiteboards. Presentation by Nancy Sewell. Tuesday, April 19 2022. 9am PT / 12pm ET.” A yellow tag with an icon of a person presenting indicates that there's no recording of this webinar available.

Archive: To Whiteboard or Not to Whiteboard — An Insider’s Tour of Getting Started in Digital Whiteboards

Do you love the idea of working with digital whiteboards but lack the time to leverage the tool for more effective collaboration with your teams and clients?

Jump-start your journey into more playful, engaging, and effective collaboration with this guided tour of XPLANE’s best practices for translating the in-person magic to the virtual-hybrid environment. Learn how we quickly scale up distributed teams, set up effective systems to run more asynchronous, remote, and hybrid collaborative experiences. Plus, take away tools to revitalize your collaboration game. 

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to quickly ramp up engagement for collaboration on your digital whiteboard skills 
  • Where to start in setting up a go-to library of preferred whiteboard tools and frameworks

All registrants will receive a limited time replay link of this webinar. 

Plus, you’ll get a special bonus for attending live: an onboarding MURAL—the only one you will need—to jump-start your team’s virtual collaboration.


Nancy Sewell headshot

Nancy Sewell, Senior Program & Product Manager, XPLANE

Nancy leads XPLANE’s product development branch, creating new products, tools, and learning opportunities for clients. She co-delivers engaging in-person and remote client experiences, from immersive installations to training and offsite meetings and workshops.

Long before remote work became a necessity, Nancy was ramping up XPLANE’s tools and best practices for remote facilitation, creating a seamless experience for our clients. She is XPLANE’s go-to resource for translating complex in-person collaboration and games to the digital space.