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Storytelling CPR: Three Effective Tips to Revive Ailing Presentations

Whether you’re trying to get stakeholders to embrace a new change initiative, teaching your audience a new skill, or relaying the company’s latest quarterly performance, you have a story to tell—and no one wants their presentation to flatline on the meeting room floor. 

Join us for the second installment of our Story Doctors webinar series, “Storytelling CPR: Three Effective Tips to Revive Ailing Presentations,” and discover the next set of three powerful storytelling techniques to transform mundane presentations into memorable stories.  

Our storytelling experts, Tim May and Tracy Granzyk, will show you how to craft narratives that connect with the heads and hearts of your audience, ensuring your messages are not only heard but also felt and remembered. 

During this webinar, attendees will also learn how to: 

  • Meet the specific needs, interests, and knowledge levels of different audiences 
  • Use conflict as a catalyst for change in your story  
  • Engage your audience’s senses to make a powerful and lasting impression 

Sign up now and learn how to captivate your audience and inspire action with the power of storytelling. Your presentations will never be the same again! 


Tim May headshot

Tim May, Creative Director
XPLANE, Powered by TiER1

Tim has been telling visual stories his entire life. As a designer for XPLANE since 2008, Tim has inspired a cult following of doodlers, visual thinkers, storytellers, and facilitators from all walks of life. In his role as Creative Director, Tim oversees XPLANE’s skilled design team and contributes heavily to client work and brand and thought leadership through webinars, workshops, and courses. 


His larger-than-life facilitation style has helped broker alignment among the most divergent of viewpoints. He frequently helps clients simplify their thinking to tell more compelling stories, with a particular focus on vision, strategy, culture, and process.  

Tracy Granzyk headshot

Tracy Granzyk, MS, MFA, Senior Solutions Consultant
TiER1 Performance

Tracy is a Senior Solutions Consultant at parent company TiER1 Performance by day and a longtime freelance writer by night. During the day, she spearheads transformative initiatives within the life sciences and healthcare sectors, focusing on digital transformations, omnichannel marketing, communication strategies, and organizational change management.   


Outside of TiER1, Tracy is the founding editor-in-chief at Please See Me, an online literary magazine that elevates the health-related story of vulnerable populations and those who care for them. And she is the founding and former Senior Director of the Center for Healthcare Narratives at the MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety and a longtime faculty member at the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety (AELPS) where she helps patients and healthcare professionals tell their stories.   


Tracy has written, directed, and produced award-winning healthcare films, published numerous articles on health-related topics, and served as a ghost writer on longform fiction and creative nonfiction projects. Her innate storytelling talent has driven impactful change across numerous causes and business ventures.