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On the right, a grinning person with glasses and grey hair has their head popped open, brain exposed. Several yellow sticky notes show a pie chart, org chart, light bulb in a thought bubble, and a trophy. A sticky orange honey connects the sticky notes to the person's brain. On the left text reads, “Webinar — Stories That Stick: How Metaphors Improve Engagement and Retention. Presented by Tim May. Wednesday, March 22 2023. 9am PT / 12pm ET.” A yellow tag with an icon of a video play button indicates that there is a recording of this webinar.

Webinar Recording: Stories That Stick: How Metaphors Improve Engagement and Retention

One of the biggest challenges learners, clients, and new storytellers face is landing the right metaphor. They don’t understand the purpose of a metaphor, they think it’s superfluous, or they get in their own way and agonize over the perfect one without considering their audience.

To help with this endeavor, we’ve created a fun exercise, “The Metaphor Game,” to help you generate new ideas and add joy back into the process of creating metaphors.

During this webinar we:

  • Unpacked the why and the what for using metaphors in storytelling
  • Showed you how to play the metaphor game—a creative exercise to help you generate new ideas for the best metaphor
  • Played “The Metaphor Game” in real-time


Tim May headshot

Tim May, Creative Director

Tim has been telling visual stories his entire life. As a designer for XPLANE since 2008, Tim has inspired a cult following of doodlers, visual thinkers, storytellers, and facilitators from all walks of life. In his role as Creative Director, Tim oversees XPLANE’s skilled design team and contributes heavily to client work and brand and thought leadership through webinars, workshops, and courses. 

His larger-than-life facilitation style has helped broker alignment among the most divergent of viewpoints. He frequently helps clients simplify their thinking to tell more compelling stories, with a particular focus on vision, strategy, culture, and process.