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Webinar Recording: Strategy Activation: From Plan to Action, Bring Your Strategy to Life

80% of most strategies launched, fail. Why is this?

We’ve uncovered three reasons: (1) there’s no line of sight between the employee and their role in the strategy, (2) lack of employee engagement in developing and executing the strategy, (3) and a lack of investment in the “activation phase” of the strategy process.

In this recording, CEO Aric Wood reviews our proven methodology—something we call “Strategy Activation”—that helps organizations get their people aligned, on board, and executing strategies effectively as a team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to go beyond cascading strategy down and ensure employees hear the strategy, understand it, and accept it. All of which need to take place before employees will move to action.
  • What it takes to up-level your program and not only how to communicate the new strategy, but also how to identify and activate the new capabilities and behavior changes needed for your strategy to succeed.
  • Methods to ensure that you can launch your strategy successfully and accelerate your results.