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Webinar Recording: Responding Effectively to Rapid (and Unexpected) Change

It’s one thing to lay out a change initiative in your organization and put thoughtful plans in place to activate it throughout your workforce. But what happens when sudden, unexpected change arrives? How do you engage your people and clarify what must happen next?

We’re all in the midst of sudden change right now with the emergence of the COVID-19, responding as quickly as we can to challenges we’ve never experienced before. Some people within our organizations are justifiably concerned and anxious about what happens next. What do we say to them?

In this brief webinar, you’ll learn how to use a few of XPLANE’s tools to create a structure for these crucial conversations. We’ll walk through the various audiences you need to interact with now, discuss what may be top of mind for them, and prepare for how to respond as thoughtfully and transparently as possible.

This webinar will include example tools that you can put to work in your own rapid response initiative right away.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify key stakeholder groups and their needs
  • Design the conversations that must occur in your organization
  • Assemble the building blocks that make up a response program