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Webinar Recording: Organizational Adulting: You Are What & How You Communicate

What is “good” workplace communication? Quarterly updates? Town halls? Postings on your intranet site? This view is outdated, at best, but it is pervasive in most businesses today. We have come to think of communication as the responsibility of a department on the 4th floor––one that spins out emails and updates from the leadership team. It’s time for a change. It’s time for communication that works for today’s workplace.

Great communication is habitual, purposeful, and inquisitive––vital to the success of every team, function, and organization. We believe that communication, in all of its forms, is the currency of effective organizations, and we need to evolve our communication behaviors to drive our cultures, meet our needs, and keep up with the pace of change and competition.

The last in our Organizational Adulting webinar series, Director of Consulting Holly Noto and Learning Designer and Consultant Ben Carmel, discuss communication behaviors for the evolving and adaptive workplace.

During this recording, you’ll learn:

  • How to use communication to drive culture and create business results
  • Habits and techniques for being a great communicator
  • Specific behaviors to modernize your workplace

Organizational Adulting Webinar Series:

  1. Divisive Behaviors and How to Overcome Them 
  2. Overcoming Apathy and Disengagement
  3. You Are What and How You Communicate