Update 10 Apr 2008: He pulled it off his site. Sorry!

“I’ve had a lot of questions recently about my process, how I achieve certain “effects” in my illustrations, what my tools are, etc. I’ve made this page very quickly to answer a lot of the questions I’ve been getting repeatedly.

Firstly: my tools are nothing special. A pencil, a fine-tipped Sharpie, copier paper, and Illustrator. That’s it. It’s good to have nice tools, but that’s not to say you can’t be successful without a $40 paint brush.

Before I begin, I feel obliged to say the following:

  • ideas are more important than style.
  • all the technical tips in the world won’t make a good illustration
  • be honest and be yourself. Your work shouldn’t look like mine. We’d all be missing out if it did.”