Do you use design to solve complex problems? Do you communicate your ideas visually? Are you equally comfortable across the table from a CEO as you are collaborating with designers? Are you passionate about organizational dynamics, human behavior and helping people navigate change? If you answered yes, you are a rare bird indeed and we want to meet you!

The XPLANE Graduate Internship in Design Consulting


XPLANE is a design consultancy focused on empowering changemakers. We envision and drive change through visual thinking and people-centered design to clarify complexity and inspire action. We help organizations through vision and strategy planning, visual communications, process improvement and adoption and behavior change.

There are a lot of design consultancies out there, most of them focused on designing for consumers and markets. XPLANE has a 20 year history applying design thinking inside organizations, sparking innovation in the way people work. We design communication and human interactions within organizations with a passion for alignment, clarity, co-creation and innovation.

The XPLANE experience combines:

• Visual Thinking to accelerate understanding and alignment

• Storytelling to power human connections through shared meaning

• People-Centered Design to build on insights and empathy gathered from all audiences

• Co-Creation of solutions, because people support what they help build

• Multidisciplinary Teams to blend different talents, experiences and views, fueling innovative thinking and practical solutions

• Iterative Design so teams build the right solution quickly and efficiently

About the Program

XPLANE is seeking the best and brightest for a 10-week internship (dates TBD based on your academic calendar) in beautiful Portland, Oregon for Summer 2014.


• Complete a challenging 10-week strategy project (custom-designed internal project based on a mutual fit of your expertise and our needs)

• Contribute to multiple client-facing projects

• Get to know the XPLANE team, culture and work so you can figure out if you’re destined to join us

• Enjoy the legendary Portland summertime


• Learn from you and your unique perspective

• Support you with a talented collaborative team

• Expose you to our methods and secret sauce

• Hopefully find our next great talented XPLANEr!


• Currently enrolled in a graduate level program in business, design, organizational behavior, communications or some interdisciplinary combination of those

• ~5 years relevant work experience prior to graduate school

• Passion for a career in design consulting post-school

So you think you want to apply…

Please send the following to

• Current resume and cover letter

• 1-page visual resume – what we call an xmap. An xmap is basically you on a page, represented visually. We want to know where you’ve been, where you’re going, and what you’re passionate about. Feel free to structure it however makes sense to you, and don’t let the visual aspect worry you – we believe everyone can draw (even if we’re a bit rusty from kindergarten). It’s not about making beautiful art, it’s about communicating clearly and simply!

• Oh, and if you maintain an online portfolio, we’d love to see a link to that too.

Questions? Send those to too. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Sample XMAP.